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Able Lock Service

145 Traders Blvd E #21 Mississauga ON L4Z 3L3

Since 1972, Able Lock Service Ltd. has provided commercial and residential property owners with security and peace of mind. Paul Bentley, President of Able Lock Service Ltd., has been in the locksmith business for over 25 years. He is a board member of the Association of Ontario Locksmiths, and is an instructor in the craft of locksmithing. From fire resistant doors and safes to jimmy-proof deadbolts and high security locks and keys, Able Lock Service Ltd. has a wide assortment of products and services designed to meet any security need. From the construction of a new commercial, residential or corporate property, to the retrofit of an existing building's security, make Able Lock Service Ltd. your first choice in security hardware and service. As a Building Contractor or Property Manager, your clients expect you to make the best choice in security on their behalf. With Able Lock Service Ltd., your choice is backed by professional service, quality parts and accessories, and over 30 years experience in the locksmith industry. We offer the finest in Padlocks • Safes •Deadbolts •Knobsets •Doors and Door Hardware •Card Access •Closed Circuit Television Security Systems •Handicap Door Accessories •Mailboxes