50 Bloor St W Toronto ON M4W 1A1

DoorHelper specialists will professionally install, as well as repair locks and doors of all types. We have been working in Toronto and GTA since 2011. Basic metal door repair work - Welding work - replacing door hinges, installing anti-cuts, adding metal around locks and more - Replacing coating on the door - leatherette vinyl, mdf overlays, pvc film - Improving the opening and closing of the door - Warming and improving the sound insulation of the door - Production of trim panels - Installation of additional anchors in the frame, etc. All of the above work is done by our masters, depending on the specific design of the door. If your door is not originally made qualitatively, in that case the repair is possible, but in very limited places. Master will always offer you an alternative solution to the problem. Today, a large number of manufactured doors initially have a lot of flaws, some of which can be eliminated. Many doors, for a period of their years do not meet any standards of sound and heat insulation. If you need door repair, invite our master or call for advice. In conclusion, a few words We do our work with pleasure and have a lot of experience. We are happy to add our company to this catalog. We hope this will make us more popular and we can help even more people. Get in touch, we're available 24 hours a day!